Shopping Guide: Hollywood Blvd

 Tänkte tipsa er alla om lite sköna shopping tips på Hollywood Blvd, för detta är ju stället som man aldrig missar som turist. Även om shoppingutbutet inte kanske är det allra bästa så finns det en del butiker man inte bör missa..

Wanted to suggest a mini shopping guid for all of you who visit Hollywood Blvd on your vacation, because as a tourist that is a street you just don’t miss out on. The shopping might not be the best, but they do have some stores you shouldn’t miss to visit while you are here..

H&M exist even here..

If you want to get some great gifts for your loved ones at home, stop by some of Hollywood’s souvenir stores.  

Don’t miss American Apparel, this store is great!

DSWshoes is a store for everyone who love shoes – here you find lots of different styles to an affordable price. 

If you want to get clothes for work, this is the store to visit. Express is both affordable and classy. 

All make-up lovers you should visit this store, they have every brand you can think of and are very helpful to find what you are looking for. 

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