Monday’s Birthday Party

I helgen fyllde Monday tre år och det firade vi med ett litet kalas hemma där vänner och familj var på plats! Vi öppnade presenter, åt Mondays hembakade Barbie tårta hon beställt och bara njöt av av dagen!

This weekend Monday Lily turned three and we celebrated that with a little birthday party for her. Family and friends where there to celebrate, we opened presents, ate the homemade Barbie birthday cake Monday wanted and enjoyed the day!

This is one of her favoriets present, she loves cruising around in her new Jeep

Monday Lily and Winter Rose love this new toy, hahha they are having so much fun together

Time for a ride on her new Glider, saefty comes first!

This is another favorite, she can’t get enought of this bubble machine! This is a great gift for any three year old!

What Monday didn’t know was that we had one last surprise for her. A good friend of mine made her own little fort under the stairs, she loves it!

Singing Happy Birthday to Monday Lily, she got a lil shy so Winter was happy to blow out the candles.

Monday and her friend Bianca playing

Bianca, Anine and Monday

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