Isabel tipsar: Hair trends for prom 2013

Många av er har frågat om jag inte kan lägga upp lite coola hårtrender nu inför balen som snart börjar närma sig! Har kollat runt lite och hittat några av mina favoriter som definitivt passar inför balen 2013! Har du någon favorit?

Many of you have asked me to put up some cool hair trends for proom 2013, since it’s just around the corner I looked around and found some great styles!  Which one is your fave?

Slick it all back in a tight low bun for a sofisticated look.

Love these natural curls Rachel Bilson has, perfect for proom.

This is adorable. Curl your hair and do a french braid to make it stand out, fab!

Another example of a more sophisticated look, love how the bun is made. Perfection.

Love, love , love this look, slick it back and put a high bun on top of you head so everyone can see your beautiful face.

Slick it back, but don’t make it too tight, twist your hair into a loose and messy bun.

Let your hair be like it is, with some light curls. This is always a sexy look!

Simple but still proomish and cool!

Another cool hairstyle that works great for proom.

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