DIY Project – I made a new chair!

Med lite fint tyg från sybutiken kan vem som helst lätt klä om en gammal stol så den ser helt ny ut! Verktyg du behöver är följande: en sax, häftmaskin, lite tyg och vilja! Detta gjorde jag på bara 20 min och skoj var det! Testa själva.

With some fabric anyone can easily remake an old chair so it looks like new! Tools you would need are following: A scissor, stapler, some fabric and your will do make it happen! I did this in only 20 minutes and it was lots of fun! Try it!

This is how the chair first looked like

I put the fabric on the floor to make sure it would be enough to wrap around the old pad

Making sure

Folding the edges and are here using the staple to attach the fabric

Making sure all the edges are nicely folded

Almost done

The new result of the fabric

Finally done, only took me 20 mins and it was totally worth it!

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